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The gospels reveal to us that Jesus’ ministry was a ministry of healing. Nearly 1/5 of the gospels are devoted to acts of healing, with more than 40 recorded instances of physical and mental healing. Christian ministry, by its nature, involves ministries of healing that strive for the well-being of the mind, body and spirit.

I sincerely hope that you will find some of the following Healing Ministry Resources helpful.

Life Church
Welcome to Life Church. You Belong Here.

Bible Gateway
Read, hear, and study Scripture at the world’s most-visited Christian website. Grow your faith with devotionals, Bible reading plans, and mobile apps.

Bible Resources
The BibleResources.org mission is to help change the world via our BibleResources Center by reaching the masses with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are a nondenominational Bible based site that exists to freely share the good news from God to the entire world so you can know the truth about life and eternity.

Written by well-known and popular theologians, Bible commentaries aid in the study of Scripture by providing explanation and interpretation of Biblical text.

Daily Effective Prayer
Welcome to Daily Effective Prayer on YouTube. I’m blessed that you are here! Please SUBSCRIBE and let me pray for you today! Thank you and God bless you! – Danie

The Christian Life Survey
We were created to have a deep, meaningful, engaging relationship with God. Most people need from 15 to 25 minutes to complete the Christian Life Survey.

Healing Current Ministry

Learning to follow your feelings takes a lot practice, but that is what turns a person into an instrument for good in the hands of the Lord. Maybe you don’t believe in God, but God truly still wants to heal you, and I would like to help. I warmly encourage you to discover, or rediscover, your faith in God. Please contact me if you require any assistance.

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